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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gamma World: Omega Tech By Salvage Level

In Gamma World, the occasionally arduous task of doling out magic items to players is replaced by a simple draw from the Omega Tech deck.  But as the DM, you might sometimes wish to set aside a specific item as treasure, either for thematic reasons, or because the item is particularly cool (or zany).  If you're looking for an item that you intend PCs to keep for awhile, you'll want to choose something that has a salvage level.  Not wanting to flip through my cards every time I want to set aside a salvageable item, however, I created this chart with all of the Omega Tech sorted by salvage level.

Spoiler Alert: This chart contains information about all of the Omega Tech cards, including those found in expansions, booster packs and promo cards. If you are a player or DM who wants to preserve the mystery of the random deck, stop reading.

The chart is sorted by the salvage level ("N/A" if the item can't be salvaged) and contains the name, equipment slot, and source (Ishtar, Area 52, or Xi) of the item.  It also includes the rarity (Starter, eXpansion, Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Promo) of the card, the set the card comes from (Starter, Legion of Gold, Booster, or Promo), and the number of the card.

For convenience, I have also made the chart available in PDF format.

Gamma World: Omega Tech By Salvage Level

2Electro-Flail1-Hand MeleeIshtarSStarter42
2Mk 1 Laser Pistol1-Hand RangedIshtarSStarter45
2Mk 1 Power ArmorArmor: HeavyIshtarSStarter46
2Freeze Ray2-Hand RangedArea 52SStarter68
2Force Pike2-Hand MeleeArea 52SStarter69
2Fizz NeurojackNeckIshtarCBooster10
2Inertial ArmorArmor: LightArea 52CBooster26
2Duralloy ShieldArms (Shield)IshtarCBooster31
2Cerametal ArmorArmor: HeavyXiCBooster36
2Stun Whip1-Hand MeleeArea 52UBooster61
2AutodocWaistArea 52UBooster62
2Photonic Spear2-Hand MeleeIshtarUBooster68
2Repeating Gauss Rifle2-Hand RangedIshtarUBooster75
2Power Fist1-Hand MeleeIshtarUBooster76
2HoloshieldArms (Shield)Area 52RBooster101
3Unstable Vibroblade2-Hand MeleeArea 52SStarter41
3Mass Pistol1-Hand RangedArea 52CBooster27
3Vibro Sword1-Hand MeleeXiRBooster115
4MK III Scout ArmorArmor: HeavyArea 52XLoG6
4Mindbore OrbiterHeadArea 52CBooster28
4Omniscient GogglesHeadIshtarCBooster32
4Disruptor Pike2-Hand RangedIshtarCBooster33
4Laser Whip1-Hand MeleeXiCBooster38
4Grav ShieldArmsArea 52UBooster63
4Servo-Assist BeaconArmor: LightIshtarUBooster70
4Diskthrower1-Hand RangedIshtarUBooster71
4Mini TankVehicleArea 52RBooster102
4Neural Baton1-Hand MeleeArea 52RBooster103
4Energy Mace1-Hand MeleeIshtarRBooster109
4Gunport ArmorArmor: HeavyIshtarRBooster116
4Heavy-Lift HarnessVehicleXiRBooster117
5Gunsight OrbiterHeadArea 52UBooster64
5Jet BootsFeetIshtarUBooster72
6Dimensional ShuntshieldArmor: LightIshtarXLoG7
6HoloscannerHeld ItemArea 52CBooster29
6Plasma Sword1-Hand MeleeArea 52CBooster30
6Force Axe2-Hand MeleeIshtarCBooster35
6H11 Blaster Rifle2-Hand RangedXiCBooster39
6Meltdown OrbiterHeadArea 52CBooster40
6Energized ArmorArmor: HeavyArea 52UBooster65
6Thunder Grip1-Hand RangedArea 52UBooster66
6Force ShieldArmsIshtarUBooster73
6Electrostaff2-Hand MeleeXiUBooster78
6Inviso ArmorArmor: LightArea 52RBooster106
6SkycycleVehicleArea 52RBooster111
6Rad ArmorArmor: HeavyIshtarRBooster114
6Interface GogglesHeadXiRBooster118
7Phoenix NeurojackNeckXiRBooster112
8Grav Mortar2-Hand RangedArea 52UBooster67
8Gravity Hammer2-Hand MeleeIshtarUBooster74
8Marauder ArmorArmor: LightXiUBooster79
8Force Field ProjectorHeld ItemArea 52RBooster107
8Black Ray Gun1-Hand RangedArea 52RBooster110
8Plasma Sphere2-Hand RangedIshtarRBooster113
8Screaming Meemie2-Hand RangedXiRBooster119
9Fusion Lance2-Hand RangedArea 52RBooster104
N/AFlash NeurojackNeckXiSStarter43
N/ALeaky Fusion Rifle2-Hand RangedXiSStarter44
N/AAll-Seeing EggConsumableArea 52SStarter48
N/AUnreliable Jet PackConsumableArea 52SStarter49
N/AMusic BoxHeld ItemIshtarSStarter50
N/AHand Rocket1-Hand RangedIshtarSStarter51
N/ARadiation OrbiterHeadXiSStarter52
N/ASentinel OrbiterHeadArea 52SStarter53
N/APrototype Power Fist1-Hand MeleeXiSStarter54
N/AAdrenaline PillConsumableArea 52SStarter55
N/AEndeavor NeurojackNeckXiSStarter56
N/AOptic NeurojackNeckXiSStarter57
N/AErratic Rifle HoundSpecialArea 52SStarter58
N/ACracked Ray Gun1-Hand RangedArea 52SStarter59
N/APhoton Grenade1-Hand Ranged/ConsumableArea 52SStarter60
N/ABlather GeckoSpecialArea 52SStarter61
N/ARazor Grenade1-Hand Ranged/ConsumableIshtarSStarter62
N/AThe PatchConsumableIshtarSStarter64
N/AScience CompHeld ItemXiSStarter65
N/ASpy CompHeld ItemXiSStarter66
N/AEnvirocapeNeckArea 52SStarter67
N/AInflatable FriendSpecialIshtarSStarter70
N/AEternalightHeld ItemIshtarSStarter71
N/APlasma DeflectorRingXiSStarter72
N/AAnimatronic ToyHeld Item/1-Hand RangedXiSStarter73
N/ACognition AnchorRingXiSStarter75
N/AFace MaskHeadIshtarSStarter76
N/AFish-Killer Grenade1-Hand Ranged/ConsumableArea 52SStarter77
N/AAutoskeletonWaistArea 52SStarter78
N/AHeadmounted LaserHeadArea 52SStarter79
N/ADim Photonic Spear2-Hand MeleeIshtarSStarter80
N/AFlame Thrower2-Hand MeleeArea 52XLoG8
N/AFlaregun1-Hand Area/Ranged/ConsumableArea 52XLoG9
N/AMatter Bomb PrimeConsumableArea 52XLoG10
N/AThe Patch IIConsumableArea 52CBooster6
N/AHypno-Ray1-Hand RangedArea 52CBooster7
N/ADream GrenadeConsumableIshtarCBooster8
N/APortacompHeld ItemXiCBooster37
N/AHospice BeaconHeld ItemIshtarUBooster69
N/AArtificial BloodConsumableXiUBooster77
N/AChamelon ShieldArms (Shield)Area 52UBooster80
N/ATeleport PadsHeld ItemArea 52RBooster105
N/APhase CapeNeckIshtarRBooster108
N/ARifle HoundSpecialArea 52RBooster120
N/ADehydrated ManSpecialIshtarPPromo3

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